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Meta-tag Authoring - Organic Search Engine Optimization -
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Added: 08-01-2010
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Now for organic search engine optimization, we are going to cover Meta Tag Authoring. For Meta Tag Authoring, you’re going to have 3 major sections – your title, your keyword, and your description. Now, you are going to want to spend time writing each and you will want to keep them very concise and focused on the theme of the actual page itself. Now when we’re looking at the title, I am going to back to the Search Engine Optimization example so, for title, I am going to use the keyword “Search Engine Optimization.” Everybody has their own style of SEO, but I prefer to use 3 to 5 keywords per page assignment. So, when I’m going to assign words that have to do search engine optimization, I am going to use the keyword SEO, all lower case, and I am actually going to use SEO with spaces in between in it just in case somebody types a period (.) or spaces, and I am going to assign the keyword search engine optimization. Now I’m writing my keywords, I’m keeping everything lower case because a lot of people most commonly type in words on the search engine in lower case and the search engine actually reflects how somebody is searching to the words it’s actually going to match-up with, in a keyword base. So, you wanna make sure keep your characters in all lower case. You want there to be a logical pattern between your title, your keywords, and your description. So, you are going to actually assign a description which is going to be the description that the search engine is going to list below your website, most likely, unless it actually pulls content from your page, right below the listing of the website itself. So you’ll want to write something that has keywords in it and say, “Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO, allows you to list on the search engines”. Now what we did here with the description is we hit upon a few specific keywords, so that we’re not placing too many keywords in the Meta tags, but you can see the actual logical pattern going from your title into your keywords and then from keywords into description. As you can see, the word SEO appearing in your keyword assignment reflects down to SEO in your description. Then you have the keyword, Search Engine Optimization here in your description, linking to the keyword with-in your Meta tag. You can see there is an actual logical pattern going from your title, your keywords, and then into your description. If you want to actually assign numbers to it or letters to help you organize it, you can say (1) is SEO (2) search engine optimization. Play with it however you like. Like I said, everybody has their own SEO techniques.

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