[HD] ThunderF. 4 - The Final (?) Thunder. TC - Flatline Pandamonium Productions

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[HD] ThunderF. 4 - The Final (?) Thunder. TC - Flatline Pandamonium Productions
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Added: 11-02-2009
Runtime: 5m 35s
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[HD] ThunderF. 4 - The Final (?) ThunderF. TC - Flatline Pandamonium Productions. ThunderF. 4 - The Final (?) ThunderF. verb Thunderf. To kill an enemy player with fall damage, through use of the Shaman spell Thunderstorm ThunderF. 4 is finally here! I have been a very busy shaman for the last few months, the skies have been dark and the snow in Storm Peaks has been stained with horde blood. The slowfall is from SnowFall Lager, an item you can purchase from your faction (Frosthold or... whatever the horde place is called) for 2 relic of ulduar each. The damage text addon is called Nice Damage you can search google and find it very easily. All comments, critisism, ratings and subscriptions to my channel are very much appreciated. Thanks to my existing subscribers and to everyone who came to say hi to me on Ravenholdt over the last few weeks. Pandamonium Officer of Redrum Inc http://www.redruminc.com Always recruiting Exceptional players Music: TC - Flatline available for purchase from http://www.dogsonacid.com This is a 2009 Pandamonium Production

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