X Men Origins Wolverine HD Quality movie TRAILER 2009 New Update

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X Men Origins Wolverine HD Quality movie TRAILER 2009 New Update
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Added: 11-02-2009
Runtime: 2m 24s
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X Men Origins Wolverine HD Quality movie TRAILER 2009 New Update. Download full movie at @ http://www.moviedownload.kitz4u.com or http://www.blockbustermovie.kitz4u.com This is strictly for entertainment purpose only. Top Features and Benefits » Unlimited 24 hour downloading » Extensive online databases » Over 80 million full quality movies » Download full length TV shows » Get the hottest music videos » Transfer files to your MP3 player » No download limits » Free 24/7 technical support http://www.moviedownload.kitz4u.com http://www.blockbustermovie.kitz4u.com summary: CHOOSE YOUR ROBOT CAST. this is video is ONLY a WHAT IF?! Transformers 2 trailer casting call. this is unnoficial and purely just for fan viewing while Mr. Bay directs the real one with a good script for everyones entertainment,- who knows what surprises he has in store?... thank you for visiting. this is not the leaked script or something and is entirely fictional. Frenzy able to hack into NASA satellite helps find Megatrons remains and is retrieved by decepticon DEEPDIVE under the sea. STARSCREAM with three more seekers Highjack and destroy a USS Carrier which then turns into Decepticon TIDAL WAVE whos serve as decepticon base. Teletran 1 on earth serves as base for the autobots. WHEELJACK and Ratchet make autobots amphibious and jetpack capable and able to fight at sea. TIDAL WAVE vs ???? omega supreme?- a big autobot or a small one? No autobots nor decepticons were harmed in the making of this clip. #35 - Most Discussed (All Time) - Film & Animation (So, 11.01.09) #67 - Most Responded (All Time) - Film & Animation (So, 4.01.08) #49 - Most Viewed (All Time) - Film & Animation (So, 11.01.09) ABOUT THIS VIDEO... 1. Igloos melting to a poignant soundtrack. 2. Menacing Russian cartoon featuring dancing skyscrapers. 3. Armed charrette at University of Pennsylvania. 4. Wind turbines apparently chatting to each other in Swedish. 5. Original World Trade Center under reconstruction in Second Life. 6. Man being eaten by interactive carpet. 7. Freak weather battering the Scottish coast, then deep-frying it. 8. Homeless people dancing for soup in Poundbury. 9. Frank Gehry in a leather jacket singing Born To Run. 10. Toddler's high-speed parkour run at Babbacombe Model Village.

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