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HH Naxagayi eluyte Boaoyi mijazgayin...

Runtime: 6m:27s
By: Hayemes
Views: 235

Artahert Nist Azgayin Joxovum

Runtime: 4m:26s
By: gyumri
Views: 142

Bako Sahakyann endunel e HYD...

Runtime: 14m:47s
By: Hayemes
Views: 219

Hay azgayin kongresi hanrahavaqe...

Runtime: 139m:8s
By: Hayemes
Views: 317

HK ghekavarnere djgoh en mijazgayin...

Runtime: 13m:2s
By: Hayemes
Views: 212

Gegham Harutyunyann uxxatiri xocman...

Runtime: 1m:16s
By: gyumri
Views: 273

Azgayin joxovn ays harcum miasnakan e

Runtime: 1m:33s
By: gyumri
Views: 137

Azgayin joxov te Karavarutyun, um en...

Runtime: 4m:54s
By: gyumri
Views: 278

Mijazgayin dproci bacumn u S....

Runtime: 2m:44s
By: Hayemes
Views: 254

Yezdinere djgoh en mijazgayin...

Runtime: 1m:22s
By: gyumri
Views: 285

Azgayin ergn u pare pordznakan...

Runtime: 2m:6s
By: gyumri
Views: 328

S. Ohanyane mijazgayin ardzaganqi masin

Runtime: 2m:58s
By: gyumri
Views: 309

Aysor marzakan lragroxneri mijazgayin...

Runtime: 2m:27s
By: gyumri
Views: 308

Levon Zurabyani eluyte Azgayin Joxovum

Runtime: 14m:14s
By: gyumri
Views: 172

Ruben Hakobyani eluyte Azgayin Joxovum

Runtime: 11m:23s
By: gyumri
Views: 203

Arcvik Minasyani eluyte Azgayin Joxovum

Runtime: 10m:19s
By: gyumri
Views: 275

Aram Manukyani eluyte Azgayin Joxovum

Runtime: 10m:2s
By: gyumri
Views: 213

Eduard Sharmazanovi eluyte Azgayin...

Runtime: 6m:29s
By: gyumri
Views: 167

Azgayin Joxovi dimac

Runtime: 1m:46s
By: gyumri
Views: 171

Yerevanum kbacvi mijazgayin...

Runtime: 2m:54s
By: Hayemes
Views: 672

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